Do you want to contribute?

Do you like what you’re reading so far? Do you have something you want to get off your chest?

We’re looking for contributors to write their viewpoints on the Construction industry, and the role of supporting and celebrating each other, celebrating diversity – promoting and encouraging others to join us in the industry we love.

You can do this personally or anonymously, that decision is up to you! We want to hear your stories, your career path, a day in the life or a journey/career aspiration. Let’s show the many facets of what we call every day work – let’s inspire and, let’s offer help where it’s needed.


Fine print – sorry, but there always has to be fine print in some way!

We reserve the right not to publish articles if they aren’t within the ethos of our blog – i.e. they attack any protected characteristics, discriminate, or hinder transparency – contain claims which are unfounded or unable to be validated in any way. 

This blog is to celebrate and provide connections to all within the construction industry, with a focus on bringing the minorities of women in construction together. We’re aware of the many intersectional interdependencies this also covers, and we’ll never allow any group to be left unsupported – this is the central underpinning focus of what the Surveying Sisterhood stands for. 

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