Why You Don’t Need to Worry About World Mental Health Day – By Kirsty Harvey

Unless you’ve been hiding in a nuclear bunker for the last few years, no doubt you will have seen the proliferation of information and stories about people and their mental health. A huge number of special days have cropped up around this to raise awareness, of which World Mental Health Day is one.

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Held on 10th October every year, there will be lots of social media activity to promote better mental health, and encouraging employers to take notice and make changes to benefit their staff.

But why would you pay any attention, unless you are already interested in the subject?

You don’t have any mental health issues, and your business already looks after your staff because you go out for team drinks occasionally.

You might get a bit stressed occasionally, but that’s just normal, because everyone is busy, and you need stress to keep you on top form.

Sometimes you have trouble sleeping, but you care about work and you’re just thinking about it.

You might be getting more short tempered with your partner and your children, but that’s just because you had another bad day.

You’re not one of the 25% of people that have a mental ill health concern, and nor are your colleagues; especially the office clown who’s always happy and there with a joke.

Or are you?

What about your colleague?

What if those issues become more frequent, are persistent, and start to get on top of you? Could they be an early warning sign that something needs to change? Could your colleague be covering the fact that they are suffering with anxiety or depression?

Sometimes, just having an awareness could be the key to understanding that there may be an issue, and allow you to get some support or make changes. Doing this could be key to stopping issues getting to crisis point.

So, don’t take any notice of the day if you are superhuman, but if you’re not, (I don’t know anyone who is) then maybe take a look. Join Lionheart for their online events, and see what resources they have that might be of use to you or your business.

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Keep an open mind, have a chat over coffee, and you may be surprised where it could lead.

Find out more about Lionheart’s online event for World Mental Health Day here.

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