The Surveying Sisterhood five months on – By the Surveying Sisterhood

Calling all contributors…

No time to set up your own platform? Don’t worry that’s what we’re here for. Every week we look to feature and promote individuals, and we want to share your stories, hear your views, start new and join ongoing conversations.

We’ve already featured a number of blog posts on a diverse range on topics including; upgrading your career , finding your network, mental health, the future of the profession, bullying in the workplace, travels to the Far East, public speaking and who can forget the showgirls selling roof tiles!

You don’t have to be MRICS, a surveyor, or even in the industry – every voice matters. We want to hear from like minded individuals that believe in raising each other up, celebrating and supporting each other.

What challenges have you overcome to get where you are today?

What do you wish you could advise your younger self?

Who has inspired you and how? Give them a shout out and let’s celebrate all of our role models.

What trends or developments are exciting you right now? What should we be looking at for hot topics? Who are you reading or listening to?

How are you or your organisation leading on diversity and inclusion, can you share any lessons learned?

We’ve heard many stories from those who’ve come forward, inspired by the voices sharing their experiences before them. Stories of hope, and courage, and of successful careers with a shining future ahead. Whatever life has in store, we’re not alone – and each unique experience shared will help others to face their own challenges with more confidence and surety.

We have some great posts lined up over the next few months, but we need more!

We want to hear from you – please do check out our #celebr8surveyor wall, or if you have a unique blog post you would like to share – get in touch, contact us here or on our Twitter account, and we’ll share and celebrate with you.


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