RICS Matrics UK Chairman’s Challenge 2019 – By Anna Keys

Anna is a Chartered Quantity Surveyor and works for Calfordseaden as an Employers Agent.  She has been involved with RICS Matrics since 2006 and has held a seat on the UK board since 2012.  Anna received the honour of being RICS Matrics Chair 2018-2019.

Anna is now raising money for Land Aid as part of her year long RICS Matrics UK Chairman’s Challenge.

Every year, the RICS Matrics UK Chairman has a year long challenge which raises funds for a chosen charity but also challenges the local RICS Matrics groups.  This year, Anna Keys, 2019 RICS Matrics UK Chairman, has chosen to support Land Aid with ‘Pledge 150’ in a bid to end youth homelessness.  With her work in the Social Housing sector, it seemed a natural fit to support RICS with Pledge 150.  Anna has a £5,000 target to achieve by the end of her term as UK Chair of Matrics.

As well as the fundraising Anna has challenged the regional RICS Matrics groups to collect and donate as many shoe box donations as possible.  These boxes will be given to the homeless at the end of the challenge year.  The deadline for supplying shoe boxes is 31st May 2019.

I chose Land Aid in line with RICS Pledge 150 campaign to provide 150 bed spaces for youth homelessness.  I wanted to go a little further and challenged the local RICS Matrics Groups across England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales to not only raise money but to support local homeless charities throughout the year by donating useful goods.

For more information of Anna’s RICS Matrics Chairman’s challenge or to donate to LandAid please click on the link here.

To find out more about Land Aid please visit their website.

To find out more about RICS Matrics and to get involved visit the RICS website.

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