Signposting YOU! – By Surveyorhood

This week we put out a Twitter call to all land and built environment groups and organisations as we are planning a blog series to celebrate and amplify what you do!

We always saw the #surveyorhood as a place to bring people across the industry together and curate our collective voices to inspire, celebrate and support those who make up our land and built environment professions and encourage those who might be interested in joining our professions.

Team #surveyorhood is a group of like-minded surveyors who are genuinely interested in what you all do and why. 

The #surveyorhood is for everyone and is open to all. 

We aren’t here to reinvent what established groups are doing – we want to give you a shout out, share your events and create a great big sign post to where you are.

After all, we are #bettertogether.

We know they are some amazing groups out there, inspiring the next generation, highlighting and challenging bias, championing inclusivity across the industry. 

We know some of you already but, we want to capture the breadth and depth of support and networking that is out there for colleagues to get involved with.

This is a call out to student organisations, education organisations, diversity groups, networking groups, bloggers, podcasters and vloggers across land and built environment professions – we want to hear from you.

Share your websites, events, and social media feeds with us and we will add you to our blog series celebrating what you do and where. 

Get in touch with Team #surveyorhood on Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram and let us know what you are up to, why you do it and how people can get involved.

Help us to help you!


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