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It’s been a busy year since the inception of the blog, and the posts are still coming in thick and fast. However, it’s always good to stop and pause and review the impact of the words of those who have written here, and re-consider the messages that have been shared.

These posts have been shared far and wide, reaching every corner of the planet, from Cote d’Ivoire to Fiji, and Chile to Vietnam. It seems there’s plenty of surveyors on every continent, we truly are part of an international community, every single one of us.

So, to commence this week, we thought we would look at the top 5 posts by hits received.

The top 5

1 #Celebr8Surveyor

Our most recent weekly addition has become a firm favourite in our arsenal of signposting the wonderful diversity in our industry. #Celebr8Surveyor Wednesday is an anticipated event, and we’ve celebrated surveyors of every kind on this page. We’re always looking for contributors to be featured here, and if you’re interested, please do get in contact with us. We’d love to hear from you.

2 The Industry needs a “Bake-Off” moment

This post from Bola Abisogun is a passionate recounting of his life as a surveyor from the 90’s to present. A difficult but compelling read about strength in the face of adversity, and a call to arms for the need to embrace change.

3 A Kinder Leadership

Gillian Charlesworth penned this inspiring post about leadership, and her view on what it can be. As an accomplished leader herself, she is celebrated as a caring and much sought after mentor, and this blog post details just what benefits a Kinder Leadership can bring to everyone.

4 Bullying in the Workplace

A challenging topic which many readers resonated with, this bleak and honest telling of an experience of bullying in a colleague’s work-life has sparked many conversations about how this type of behaviour can even be allowed to continue. It’s not easy to stand up and call out bullying, but it’s something we all must do – we cannot allow the bullies to win.

5 The Third Wave

Our most recent post of the top 5 is an incredibly brave story of struggling with the loss of a loved one by Joanna Farnsworth, and how this affects her personal and work life. An poignant tale of loss, as well as hope, serves to remind us that whilst we carry on with our own lives and work, there may be those who are struggling silently, who need our support. Looking out for our colleagues is more valuable than you might realise. 

Our five best conversation starters

Beyond our top five, we’ve had some thought provoking posts which have sparked debate far and wide, and it would be remiss of us not to mention these thought pieces; in no particular order!

Take a look for yourself and see what you think…

Setting the dial on DiversiTEA and Inklusion – By Amanda Clack

Attracting talent into the construction industry using social media – By Shaynesia Byfield

Unite for Better – Vidhya Issac-Langford

Construction need to stop raising awareness immediately – Kathryn Lennon-Johnson

The Last Straw – Sara Cameron

We hope you enjoyed these amazing posts, and always remember, if there’s something you want to say about our industry, please do let us know. We’d me more than happy to host and celebrate you and your voice, right here on the blog.

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