The big issues, the big podcast and the big apple – By Sara Cameron

Back in May, I attended the World Built Environment Forum in New York for two days of cutting edge thought leadership around the big issues affecting our land, natural resources, built environment, our work and our lives.

The #WBEF was followed by the RICS Governing Council strategy meeting.

I then got to reconnect with three of my own surveying role models to record a podcast in Brooklyn which left me buzzing for days! Before immersing myself in full on tourist mode!

The big issues:

Day 1 the key note address came from Parag Khanna – he introduced the idea of connectography and his mission to make infrastructure sexy again. By 2030 much of the global population will be urbanised in 50 megacity clusters and much of this will be in the global south. Take Lagos for example, a megacity cluster that has become the economic centre of West Africa – no longer dependent on the nation within which it is located – it is drawing resources and people from beyond its border and seeking connection with other megacities to fuel its growth. 

Parag Khanna

It was a full on few days of inspiring panel discussions and presentations but I took advantage of the location of the conference being so close to Battery Park to take regular 5 min breaks in the fresh air to reset and to support the LionHeartRICS #MentalHealth project #StrongerTogether #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek Mental health comes in all shapes and sizes.

Stop, drop and selfie.

Day 2 saw an inspiring call to build bipartisanship in leadership from former Senator Jeff Flake. I am a huge fan of ego-less collaboration – and I found my tribe with Team Surveyorhood.  Working with Natasha Stone and Jo Farnsworth to bring our values through our social media to develop the surveyorhood together, and working with RICS Governing Council have been the most collaborative working experiences of my life. 

We rise together! So lets keep our ego’s and bias side and #bethechange.

Senator Jeff Flake

The conference closed with the announcement next year the #WBEF goes to the Greater Bay Area, Shenzen, China. I really hope I get to go to China but my term of office will be complete before then so I will have to plan a trip as a Governing Council Aluma!

For #celebr8surveyors Wednesday that week, Sean Tompkins, RICS CEO kindly took some photographs of Governing Council at work, so that I could share a special post live from RICS Governing Council Strategy Meeting.

RICS Governing Council, Strategy Meeting

Here we all are at the start of the day reflecting on #WBEF and curating our thoughts about the critical themes our profession, natural and built environments are facing.

Collaboration, thought leadership and professional values are all in action as we prioritise actions for the future.

To find out more about all of us and what we do please visit the RICS website

The big podcast:

Natasha Collins, founder of N C Real Estate which includes its members club for Landlords and property investors, hosts a regular podcast on all things property and life.

She brought Danielle Lester, Rebecca Best and myself together to share our experiences of the industry about role models, imposter syndrome, collaboration, the power of allies, the power of your own values, bringing your whole self to everything you do, diversity and inclusion and so much more.

Danielle Lester, Natasha Collins and I.

If you haven’t had achance to listen to the podcast yet, you can listen here now.

The big apple:

I had the best time exploring New York during my two weeks there. I love the buzz of a big city.

Lady Liberty enlightening the world.
One World Observatory
Manhattan Island
View from Central Park

These skinny skyscrapers are just some of the new developments changing the skyline.

Always look up!

They are mostly residential apparently. 111 West 57th Street has a duplex penthouse apartment at 7500 sqft which sold for c$56m. The building is 1,428-foot-tall and has a width-to-height ratio of 1:24.

The excellent local tour guides gave me lots of essential info as we did a buggy ride around Central Park!!

PS: Have you seen this from The B1M:

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