Allow The Drum Beat of Life to Empower You – By Tim Walder

Why this matters to me

Having spent nearly 42 years in the construction industry both in the UK and overseas, I have seen so much change, but if I’m honest, still not enough to allow everyone to an equal chance at reaching their goals. As a result of seeing this I have over time developed a passion to help people develop and nurture their personal growth, their careers and achieve their life goals and dreams, this is my legacy back to the construction industry.

For many years I mentored colleagues and decided in 2017 to qualify as a life coach.  Now I am a CTI Co-active trained Coach and registered with the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

I believe that personal growth and development is a key step to achieving a fulfilled life. I coach, mentor and support people from all backgrounds, diversity and inclusion is a key passion of mine. I have worked with people, developing their careers at work for many years and felt so inspired by the results that I further developed this skill along with life coaching skills to enable me to work closely with people across all walks of life and help them achieve their goals, ambitions and dreams.

During my work as a coach, which is: the transformation of the human mind and behaviour, empowerment of the individual, improvement in self-confidence and self-belief and the understanding of the personal meaning of fulfilment. I know the challenges of the process but also the satisfaction of experiencing a life full of possibilities, a fulfilled life.

How to start your empowerment journey

We often relate to the sayings “routine is safe” or “boring is good” it means we’re in our comfort zone and when times are tough and we feel overwhelmed by life this keeps us going, it keeps us safe.

But during these times when the drum beat of our lives matches the steady beat of our heart there is often a flutter or a change in pulse and just for a moment we feel more alive and a desire to do something different enters our hearts, we dare to dream.

It is at these moments we feel a flash of inspiration and a spark, for an instance, is set alight in our heart. Unless that spark is nurtured, fed and sustained it will go out quickly, it needs energy, oxygen and fuel to continue and thrive. In other words it needs support. But the most important things is it come from within us, it was our desire to dream, that is the most powerful first step.

My favourite empowerment quotation comes from C.S Lewis who said:

“You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.”

Use this as your inspiration, the first step towards self-empowerment happens once we identify the dreams and goals for our lives and become willing to adjust ourselves to achieve them. This is the start to your journey to empowerment, at this point you need to relinquish over-dependence on others, or the fear of what people around you might think or say, as this will limit your growth as a person.

Empowerment can often feel scary, but embrace it and overcome the fear of rebuke, it is not a perfect world and we are not perfect people. If someone feels empowered why not speak out with passion, yes this is then often cited as “Bravado” in young men, being “Pushy” in women or “They don’t understand our culture” from ethnic majorities.

These stereotypical responses are unconscious bias at its worst and will not go away until we feel empowered to face this, speak out abut our passions and help dissolve the unconscious bias by education, understanding and leading by example.

Whether you desire to seek a more fulfilling career, stand up for your values, or create greater passion and nourishment from your relationships or wish to change your role, you are worth it, so you should feel empowered to work for it.

Change in our lives starts within us, change the drum beat of your life and you will change.

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