Celebrating One Year – By Surveyorhood

As we celebrate our first year of posts, we must start with a huge thank you to our many contributors for bringing such a variety of topics and conversation starters. The posts have been very informative and included technical content to broaden our knowledge to personal accounts to allow us to see the world from another perspective. As we read back over all the posts it is clear that contained in such a diverse range of titles are some key and heartfelt messages. Please do click on the embedded links to read the fantastic posts, and we’d also really welcome comments and thoughts, provoked by our contributors.

Inclusive Collaboration – Not limited to our platform is the ever louder call for collaboration to Unite for better, putting people first, caring to incite change even when matter doesn’t directly affect us, the power of allies, supporting each other and inspiring the next generation. Sara Cameron also discussed the importance of collaboration in ‘Collaborate this’ Imagine what we could do if we all work together?

Those that have been following us for a while have witnessed the evolution of the platform from what started out as #Surveying Sisterhood to re-brand and reflect our core values of being truly inclusive. Surveyorhood – To support and celebrate all surveying successes.


Dissolving our unconscious biases – Learning from rather than judging others and feeling empowered to do so, we were thrilled that Amanda Clack joined us to address Diversity and Inclusion and a call to action, not just words, and Natasha Stone discussed the meaning of “Passing” and acceptance of others and the effect unconscious bias can have on our actions.

Breaking Down Barriers – Bola Abisogun aka Mr Bake-off illustrated why it is so important that all individuals have access to the same resources and tools to excel and create an industry that is fit for purpose, a message that was echoed by many others including Tim Walder, looking at self- empowerment, Charlotte Higgins writing about the work of the construction youth trust and Kathryn Lennon-Johnson’s piece about the way we educate others about our industry. Not forgetting Shaynesia Byfield’s forward thinking discussion of how to attract new talent into the industry using Social Media. Underpinning this all was an inspiring piece by Barry Cullen on the work of the RICS to promote diversity and inclusion – here’s to the next 150 years!


Being yourself and sharing vulnerabilities – Kirsty Harvey wrote about the importance of mental health awareness and looking out for one another, Kate Charrington shared her life and workplace experiences coming out, Joanna Farnsworth talked about grief and coping with work and her journey to acceptance, and Marion Ellis told us about her vulnerabilities putting together her summit inviting women to share their surveying stories and experiences.

Understanding and respecting our differences – in her post Ramadan Kareem Zinah Nauthoa provided us a great insight into what Ramadan means to her, and Sharon Slinger in her piece ‘When does very experienced become too experienced’ made the point that everyone has something to offer, the richness of diversity makes great teams. 


Time – No matter where we are in our careers the time is NOW, whether it’s to keep training and focus on your CPD – as Steve Slessor’s article ‘Sands of Time, the importance of CPD’ or whether you are starting out or are as experienced as Kathryn Ladley it is time to act, to do something new to slow the sands of time and make that change to make today and tomorrow a better day for everyone. 

Respect – Leading with kindness, Gillian Charlesworth shared with us her thoughts on transforming the workplace and treating others with dignity and respect, something that a fellow surveyor has bravely spoken out about, describing the effects that bullying and harassment in the workplace had on them. 


Giving Back – Hannah Waite shared her experiences as an APC assessor encouraging us all to give a little back to those following in our footsteps. We have showcased the great work of Anna Keys and Matrics for the Land-aid campaign and the bravery of Kate Robertson sharing her story being homeless.

Celebration – It is so important to Celebr8 the work of everyone breaking down barriers, making changes and inspiring others, such as Sara Cameron – Learning to serve, to lead. Celebrating others and lifting them up is central to Sara’s work ethic, hence curating Celebr8Surveyors every week. Celebration in the form of awards is vital for visibility, so Samantha Organ was kind enough to write about being shortlisted as Young Surveyor of the Year and Kimberley Hepburn shared with honesty her mixed emotions after wining the RICS Apprentice of the year title.   


My favourite piece – Joanna Farnsworth

The content and generosity of our contributors has been inspiring, we know that change will not happen overnight but a slow cultural shift that happens as each of us show that there is another and better way. One of my favourites this year has been Ramadan Kareem, which gave me the opportunity to see a snapshot of the world from another perspective. This piece really demonstrated that even though we are from different, cultures and have different faiths our similarities are actually far greater than our differences. Thank you, Zinah, for sharing your experiences of what Ramadan means to you.  

My Favourite piece – Sara Cameron

I have been inspired by so many of our generous contributors but the one guest blog I keep coming back to is A Kinder Leadership by Gillian Charlesworth.

The idea that kindness is seen as un-businesslike or as weakness in leadership is shifting. It is all about being respectful, inclusive, thoughtful, empathetic and listening to people. It is about putting people first. This is what Surveyorhood is.

Kindness is something we at Team Surveyorhood hold strongly as we collaborate, connect, celebrate and support surveyors whoever they may be.

My Favourite piece – Natasha Stone

It’s such a difficult thing to choose just one piece, but I simply love #Celebr8Surveyors – it’s no secret that Wednesday is my favourite day of the week. It’s showcasing all of the surveyors and our colleagues in construction, that really make this place special to me. Everyone has different thoughts and experiences, and being able to celebrate such wonderful individuals week after week is just joyful. Often Construction is seen as an antiquated, inhospitable industry to work in, but my experience, enhanced every week by #celebr8surveyors, chips away at that image bit by bit. I can’t wait to see what the next year brings, and what new and awe inspiring stories will emerge.

There are so many other posts of note, and hopefully this roundup will give you cause to browse through many of the other wonderful posts that we’ve been privileged to have published here on our site. If this has inspired you to think further and write for us, we’d be honoured to host you too.

Feel free to contact us here at Surveyorhood should you wish to write a main blog post, or be part of the fantastic #Celebr8Surveyors gallery. Here’s to another 52 posts, being part of the change, and to an exciting future of Surveying and Construction.

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