Choose…by Surveyorhood

When we face adversity, we struggle not because we lack positivity, but because we lack the ability to cope with negativity. The two are not the same.

Do you think social distancing is the end of of something or do you choose to think of it as starting something? A social solidarity, if you will, we are after all in this together.

Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.

Viktor Frankl

Viktor survived the concentration camps of the Holocaust. He went on to help people find the goodness and the meaning of life. He taught many about what it means to be human and be our best.

People all too often react, without thinking. They – we – frequently do not choose our behaviours. We are on a default setting. But if we engage our brains, we can become aware, and learn that there is a space to manoeuvre our response, a space to choose different.

The choice is powerful when it comes to how we deal with each other. If you choose to stay calm and considered arguments can not escalate into chaos. People will begin to reflect your calm and out of control reactions reduce.

The choice also helps you manage your own emotions. Calm the body, calm the mind. It helps us to be good under pressure.

Mindful and calm.

No drama here.

Those that freak out over spilt milk have made a choice to react that way. Perhaps they feel out of control and believe that making a big deal out of the small issue will help them regain some control. But it won’t. Because the only real thing they can control is how they react.

So choose.

Choose kindness. Choose to connect. Choose mindfulness. Choose to rise by lifting others.

You might just start to see positivity in the adversity.

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