Don’t stand alongside – stand in front – By Natasha Stone

Observing the news unfold over the last week, I can’t even begin to imagine how the BAME community are feeling at the moment. I’ve been watching events unfold with abject horror, disgust and such a deep sadness of feeling so useless that it pales into insignificance with the enormity of it all.

Black lives matter. Full stop. I say this as often as I can to whomever will listen, because from my standpoint, it’s one of the ways I can use my privilege to try and change things. I wrote a post on this blog, that touched on privilege a very short while ago. I covered a great many things in the post, but felt that perhaps it was the only way I could try and persuade and educate those who get unsettled or offended by the term of ‘privilege’ to not close their minds to the good that we could actually do by moving beyond the fear of it. If I could do that, then we can really take steps and start making the changes that are so desperately needed. But it seems I now need to be more direct.

I’m not always ultra visible in what I do, I don’t have a powerful celebrity voice, or a position within industry to influence others but I won’t stop in my fight. The truth is, however insignificant you might feel you are, one person can make a difference, influencing just one other person to do the right thing and to understand and change their thinking in even just a small way – is a victory. We have to do something, we have to stand up – because if we don’t then countless lives will be lost senselessly. Can you really have that on your conscience when all you ever have to do is speak up?

In case it slipped through last time, I’ll say it again. Black Lives Matter.

In the words of Angela Davies “In a racist society it is not enough to be non-racist. We must be anti-racist”.

And in all of this, this uprising, I won’t stand along side you, I’ll stand in front of you and shield you. Whomever needs it. If you possibly can, I want to encourage everyone I can, if you can be brave enough, to not stand shoulder to shoulder, but step up, and step in front and protect those who need it. This shouldn’t be their fight. It’s for those of us with privilege to stand in front of those being persecuted. Even if you never asked for that privilege, it’s been given to us, so use it. Don’t be selfish and waste that. It’s for us to stand up and use it, to protect and care for those who need it.

Every single one.

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One thought on “Don’t stand alongside – stand in front – By Natasha Stone

  1. Cris

    Thank you for shed light on Black Lives Matter movement.

    I’d like to add that an important goal in all our relationships, is to connect. Empathy is being able to understand or feel what another person is experiencing. However, with sympathy, there is a fixation on one person’s experience rather than understanding and connecting.

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