Diane Dumashie FRICS

Diane is Director of International Business and Property Projects at Dumashie Ltd.

Photo c/o RICS

She has held numerous board appointments and most recently was re-elected to transitionary Governing Council for 2018-2019.

A Land Economist, Project Driver, Institutional Development & Training, Property Regeneration, Coastal Specialist she says:

Land is simple. People and their needs make it complicated. I specialise in helping organisations, individuals and governments to get the most out of their land and property and the organisation responsible for managing it – even if, to start with, they don’t all agree on what to do for the best.

In the UK, almost every acre of land has been used many times, over the centuries. So getting the most out of land often involves clearing away or cleaning up the remains of previous use before it becomes possible to do something new.

Given that land, property and construction accounts for 70% of global wealth, my value as a land economist is my involvement in every aspect of creating places where people can live, work and spend their leisure time.

In sub-Saharan Africa, where I spend about half my working time, my work involves facilitating and mediating to build institutions in the public and community sectors. That can mean four main sorts of activity: mediating between policy and practice; providing ways to ensure men and women have equal access to land and resource rights; bridging between traditional authorities and statutory land governance approaches; and leading land professionals in projects such as replacing open sewers.

My UK clients include NHS Trusts, Regional Development Agencies, District Councils, NGOs, Local Enterprise Partnerships, and large national firms such as Hanson, British Gas and Belway Homes, M&S.

Among my international clients: UN’s Habitat; Commonwealth Secretariat; Swede Survey (Department for International Land Development); International Federation of Surveyors; and international forums.

Over the past 20-plus years, I’ve led or been involved with scores of projects in the UK, across Africa and around the world. They’ve not always been wholly about financial impact (although economic bottom line is important). They have also been about innovation, regeneration, sustainable resource use, community benefits and conservation

Specialties: Country working in: UK and Sub Saharan Africa, Small Island States

Doing: Economic Urban Regeneration and Development- International leadership, liaison and Knowledge Transfer- Coastal zones: rights, responsibilities and spatial master-planning, – Coastal land economics for coastal communities and coastal industry – Public sector, health and housing strategic ‘best value’ projects and land feasibilities. 

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/diane-a-dumashie-frics-cedr-apm-phd-bsc-5ba71a35/