Jon Lever FRICS

Jon Lever FRICS is Managing Director of an APC Learning and Development company DeLever. We help and support anyone involved in the RICS APC process. DeLever aims to make your APC Journey a smooth, professional and productive process. We support everyone in the APC process e.g. ALL APC Candidates, Supervisors, Counsellors and employers.

Jon Lever FRICS is an RICS UK Licenced Assessor Trainer (14 years), APC Auditor Trainer (14 Years), former RICS Training Advisor (18 Years) and RICS Governing Council Member (5 years).

He has trained over 7500 chartered members to become APC assessors and few thousand APC Candidates, Supervisor Counsellors. APC Chair and Assessor (21 Years), over 1,500 APC mock Interviews and Real Final Assessments facilitated.

DeLever supports both individual and corporate clients through their unique RICS APC journey, across ALL APC Routes and most of the APC Pathways through a network of DeLever Expert APC Coaches (who are all active APC Assessors). We have a wealth of APC experience and have been active in the RICS APC development over the last 25 years.

Jon and immediate past President of RICS, Chris Brooke #ValueThePlanet

DeLever is recognised as one of the best independent APC Learning and Development companies supporting clients both locally and globally through a range of innovative services and systems.

Why not drop us a line today for a chat about how we can help you ACE your APC: +44(0)1234 780142 or join our DeLever Network for some instant (messaging) support