Natasha Collins

Natasha Collins is a chartered surveyor who founded NC Real Estate, a place for Landlords and Property Investors to get together to build property portfolio’s that align with their goals. Natasha Hosts the NC Real Estate podcast which brings together property professionals from across the industry to have awesome conversations and discuss best practice. Natasha is also the Property Management lecturer at the University College of Estate Management and is a Wellbeing Advocate, hosting seminars with LionHeart.

If I could give my 21-Year-Old Self any advice it would be…

(I’m turning 30 in a few months time!)

You are starting out in a career for life. However, it’s not going to look like you think it is. I know you are absolutely terrified of sitting at a desk for the next 40-50 years… but you make sure that’s not the way so having to start off working long hours will pave its way to flexibility.

You achieve everything you set your mind to, it happens, although not always how you thought it would. Just show up, give your best and you will overcome everything.

The property industry is full of interesting, amazing people. You need to put yourself at events that resonate with you and you will find your people. These people will stay with you for your career journey.

Anyone who tries to put you down, backs you into a corner, makes you feel like your ideas don’t matter or are ridiculous won’t be permanent in your work career or life. You get to decide where you go next.

Don’t stay at a firm because you think you owe anyone anything, or that no one else will value you. Your passion will take you to places you never ever thought you could go, you are an asset on the projects you choose to work on.

Your empathy, your compassion and your integrity are strengths.

How I found my Passion and Started My Business

I caught the property investment bug after buying my first property at 22. I understood why my clients owned property. I was excited by the strategy of increasing the value, buying at the right time and renting well to create strong assets.

I was also very aware of how tenants felt. They wanted safe, comfortable homes, the type that I wanted. My motto was ‘if I would live in it, I would let it’.

The property investment industry is a minefield of people who just want to take your money, without giving too much in return and that angered me. No wonder ‘rogue landlords’ have been on the rise. No one should make money from providing sub-standard accommodation.

So, I decided to combine them all. My property investment strategy, property management expertise and my absolute passion to provide awesome accommodation and shine the light on the fact that tenants are landlords’ clients. That, for me, what the total package and that was the passion that drove me to create NC Real Estate.

Based on what I’ve learnt, my secrets for success are…

Focus on making a few things happen, rather than doing everything. Give your clients and potential clients the information you would like to be given and your business will keep growing.

Imposter Syndrome will always jump in, so instead I use the affirmation ‘Be brave’, take a deep breath and take the action.

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